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We at Mt. Pleasant Computer Services take a lot of pride in the work we do repairing desktops, laptops, iPhones, and more! The biggest compliments our business can receive are your reviews and referrals. Below you'll find a few of the reviews our previous customers have left as well as links to submit your own review.

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Michael Ball:

My Internet browser was not allowing me to access 'http' sites on my browser. I took my computer to Best Buy and they were unable to assist me in any way, only tell me it would cost $200 to have the problem diagnosed and fixed. I tried multiple tech-savy friends who were unsuccessful. Then I saw an add for MPtechs and gave them one call, and in less than 5 minutes Gary was able to fix my problem completely. Perfect assistance!

Melissa Burke:

Gary is great!!! I have known him for a few years now and he is always so willing to help me out and fix my computer when needed. Not only do I have him clean it up to make sure no viruses are getting on my labtop but he even rebuilt the thing when it not working properly. Also he has not only taken care of my computer but worked on my boyfriends too and his computer is working great now! Gary is the best and alway willing to help!!

Ashten Armstrong:

I want to thank MPtechs for fixing my computer. Earlier this year the house I'm renting in had a leak in the roof and my laptop was ruined from the water damage. I had the keyboard replaced at another location but the computer was so full of viruses and other problems after that and the only thing it would do was turn on. Mptechs cleared off the viruses, put on Microsoft Security Essentials, and put updates on my computer. I am happy to say that I can now use my computer in class and online knowing it is safe and works wonderfully. Thank you so much for your work! I have already began referring people to you.

Danielle Wirth:

So I just got 2 of my laptops fixed by Gary and he only charged me $20 and got them both running. This is after Best Buy made me buy the second laptop when they said the first one couldn't be fixed. If you have any computer problems, he's the guy to talk to. Call or text him (989) 572-0404. He only charges $20/hr for students. This guy is GOOD! Dont waste your time going to the Geek Squad because they lie to you and they made me spend $1000 dollars that I didnt need to spend! GO SEE GARY!

Dani Hook:

Gary was GREAT! I thought my computer was meant for the garbage, but Gary fixed it up and I had it back the next day! He kept me well informed of what was going on and explained what had happened in ways that I could understand. The prices were extremely reasonable, far lower than many other places in town. Very friendly staff and they worked well with my schedule. I would definitely go here again for any computer problems.

Jason S:

Gary is very efficient and affordable with his work. Within the last year, I have needed both a laptop and a desktop fix, and was very satisfied on both accounts. For the repairs done, his prices are very fair and even for severe cases, you can have your computer back within just a few days.

Stephen Devers:

Gary did a great job and offered great service all around - he actually picked up and then returned my computer to me after he had finished the job - about 2 days!! Saved all of my files and re-installed windows and office too! Thanks again!!

Alli M:

I had EXCELLENT service from Gary. Great timing, great availability, and great prices. I told him exactly what needed to be done and he got right on it. Done very fast and efficiently. He also worked around my schedule, and not his own like other computer repair places. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needed computer help!

Stefan S.:

Gary did a great job, quick and efficient above and beyond expected with a price that blew competitors out of the water. If i were to need help with my computer again I would not hesitate to bring it back to Gary.

L. P.:

Gary provides excellent service for computer repair and at a very competitive price. He had my computer up and running like new in no time at all, despite the mountain of viruses it had. Very recommended!

Shane Johnson:

I was very satisfied with the service that I received from Gary at MP Tech. My computer had some serious problems with it, I was unable to find a solution. Gary took my computer and within a couple days he had it running like it was brand new. The best part is it only cost me 40 dollars for his services. In the future I will definitely be taking all my computer related problems to Gary at MP Tech.

Brandon Hentrich:

All I have to say is that I am completely satisfied with Gary and this company. My computer was so infected with viruses, that I could barely even turn it on without notices popping up in my face. He worked around my schedule and made sure that he was available for me whenever I was able to come back to pick my computer up. I have had my computer for 4 years, and I feel like it runs like new again! The best part is that it was only 20 dollars for me! Totally worth it, and I highly recommend these guys for your computer needs! Thanks!

Amy Masullo:

Gary helped me with my laptop. The rates were great and the service was excellent. He was very professional, understanding and considerate. On top of that my computer is running just like new!! I would definitely use his services again and would recommend them to everyone, especially my friends and family. Thanks for everything Gary:)

Miklos Ferber:

Gary is a first rate professional. He is reliable and resourceful. Charges are reasonable. Gary assisted me with computer purchasing, hardware and software applications and troubleshooting for the past two years. In every instance his help was successful.