Most business in and around mid-Michigan are 1.5 to 2 times more expensive than our rates. This is why we opened up shop. We believe the cost of a repair shouldn't be more than the cost of a new computer itself!

We bill hourly when coming out to your House, Apartment, Dorm, or Business. If you decide its easier to drop your equipment off to us, we use an approximation on how long it will take to repair. This approximation is always equal to or less than the actual total time of repair. For example, virus scans can take several hours to run. If we came to you, we would have to charge actual time spent at your home but if you brought your computer to us, we would typically only charge about an hour as we would periodically check up on the scan and not sit and watch it scan.

Current Rates:

  • Estimates - Free*
  • Normal Rate - $40 per hour
  • College Student Special - 10% off labor rates

*Free estimates apply up to the first 30 minutes of troubleshooting. Anything longer is billed for a minimum of 1 hour but can be applied to the actual cost of that repair. Basically, if we troubleshoot something for longer than 30 minutes and you decide the cost is not worth the repair, we have to bill you for an hour. If you decide to get it fixed, that fee is put toward the cost of the repair.